Zhhmeiruian Baking Paper 5M Microwave Oven Cooking Mat Sheet Non Stick

Product Description

Description 1. Without cooking oil, food will not stick to the cooking paper, the use of clean and convenient. 2. Oil does not leak, you can prevent the cooking utensils and tableware dirty, easy to clean. 3. can maintain moderate steam dredging, suitable for cooking cooking (not only can use the oven, microwave ovens, steamer, steamer can be used Oh) 4. Heat resistance! Can withstand high temperatures below 250 degrees. 5. 2 The surface is processed by silicon, so both sides can be used. 6.There is no need to use grease, either on the tin or the paper, even with the very lightest sponges. The smooth silicone surface resists sticky cake mixes. Product Specification: 1.Quantity:1 2.Size:5m*30cm Package Content:(send without retail package) 1 x Baking Paper


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