Zhhmeiruian Non-Stick Heat Resistant Baking Spoon,Flexible Silicone Spatulas Set

Product Description

Description 1.3 High Quality Silicone Spatulas Set: Comes with the perfect tools for Cooking and Baking. Versatile kitchen tools ideal for mixing, folding, serving, spreading, scraping, flipping and baking. 2.BUILT TO LAST – Built with high quality silicone, won’t break or rust. It’s heat, stain, and odor resistant guaranteed. Non-Stick & Non-Scratch Utensils makes your preparation better. 3.HEAVY DUTY DESIGN: Ergonomically comfortable handles and sturdy internal stainless steel core. Modern design with hygienic solid coating – no crevices for bacteria to grow. Product Specification: 1.Quantity:1pcs (sent in random color) 2. Size:28.5*5.7*1.1 Package Content:(send without retail package) 1 x Baking Spoon


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